Landlords, WHY, oh WHY, are you trying to do it your selves?

I just need to wonder why a Landlord decides to manage his/her own rental property themselves.  Having your investment under professional property management is a sure-fire way to ensure that every property is being managed the same in reference to tenant screening, rent collection/processing, evictions, and much more.

The Wilson Group Property Management offers a customized plan to each of our Landlord clients as we don’t believe in one size fits all when it comes to your investment.  Our services include everything from advertising and marketing the property, monthly rent collection and direct deposit right into our owner’s account, all the way to court proceedings if need be.

When it comes to a rental property, and handling tenants, time is of the essence.  Now days, Landlords are not necessarily full-time landlords but have jobs, family, time restraints, and may not be able to handle them in a timely fashion.  With a full service property management team in place, most owners truly feel that any management fee is worth the time they pay.

Before any Landlord decides to take this on, contact a property manager to consider all of your options.

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Baby On The Way? Baby Proof Your Home In Just One Weekend

One of the most exciting times in a parent’s life is the time before a baby’s arrival. Between anticipation and preparation time passes in an instant, and before you know it you will be holding your little one in your arms.

Although newborns are too small to get into too much trouble, in only a few short months your child will be looking to explore the world around them. Make sure your home is ready for the adventure, and baby proofing is done in advance.

Over the course of a single weekend you can transform your home into a baby friendly safe zone, ready for discovery.

Getting Down To Have Look Around

Cupboards and corners are potential hazards, but are not the only places baby can run into trouble. Cracks and crevices can trap and scratch little fingers, and an exposed baseboard nail could lead to unneeded tears and medical attention.

These problems can be avoided with minimal time and a little filler. By bringing yourself down to baby level, you can easily get the low down on your home’s toddler readiness.

Another down and dirty danger is electrical outlets. If you have lots of cords in the home, consider using power strips to keep the number of plugs needed to a minimum. These are easy to unplug and replace with a cover when not needed, or when baby is at play.

Not only will this make things easy at the outlet, but it will also save you money by minimizing wasted energy.

Switch To Greener Cleaners And Keep It Up

Of course keeping chemical cleaners and cleaning supplies out of reach is an important part of baby proofing your home, but what about the freshly mopped kitchen floor?

Baby’s soft skin can easily pick up the chemical cocktail that is most traditional cleaning solutions. Switching to natural cleaners is a safe choice for both your home and your family.

With green cleaning products, you won’t have to wait until baby is away or napping before chipping away at the daily chores.

Keep Baby In Bounds And Block Danger Out

There is a contraption for every possible danger, but regardless of the measures taken, accidents can always happen.

Once you have baby proofed hazardous zones like bathrooms and offices, you can add extra assurance by placing baby locks or latches on the outside of doors. Baby gates can block off areas of the home beyond the staircase.

You can use these safety gates to section off nearly any area, and portable gates are easily moved throughout the home.

Babies grow quickly, and sometimes we as parents feel unprepared for the phases and milestones that lay ahead.

Knowing your home is ready to go from newborn to toddler will give the peace of mind needed to enjoy each moment that you share with baby in your home.

If there are structural challenges that simple baby proofing cannot overcome, call your local real estate professional today.

Connecting buyers with just the right place is both our pleasure and priority. Finding the perfect home for you and your growing family can be a great way to transition into a new normal.

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One of the interesting things I see as a closing agent is the stress the buyers can be under with all of the things they shouldn’t do between the times they write a contract to the time they get to the closing table. This should be a joyous occasion.  Owning your piece of America.  But the stress they feel can be alleviated easily with the right approach, a good loan office and a smart Realtor.

Ensuring you have a team behind you that knows how to explain things really makes a huge difference.  But many buyers fall into the excitement pitfalls that can happen when buying a home.  Some things to you should remember are:

  1.  Don’t make any BIG Purchases.  Excitement of window treatments, new furniture, wall hangings, and whatever else you need to make your house a home can be exciting and you want to run out and buy it all.  But running up those credit cards, or draining your savings account can be a hit to your credit and reserve funds the lender may need you to have for the closing.
  2. Paperwork.  Yeah, we all get tired of signing the pile of documents, but ensuring they are all done in a timely manner can allow things to happen on time, and happen smoother.  Getting documents the lender needs quickly lets them process the loan faster.  In turn will help the loan get full approved faster so we can close on time.
  3. Inspection Repairs.  Sometimes during home inspection, you find items needed to be corrected.  Your Realtor will request these items be taken care of.  But be sure to monitor the progress of these items.  Sometimes they can cause a delay in the closing if not completed on time, or not completed properly.  Using licensed contractors is very important for certain repairs.  Your Realtor will guide you in the right direction.
  4.  Closing Costs.  Most Realtors and Loan Officers have a really good grip on the fees the market will allow.  So don’t get sticker shock when it comes to closing time.  Shop around, it never hurts to get second or third opinions from a different title company than who your Realtor or lender may suggest.  But remember, you the consumer have the right to close the title company doing your closing.  But also remember, cheaper isn’t always better.


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