Want A Great Real Estate Career?

Wanna be part of a great and dynamic team? THEN LOOK NO FURTHER!!!

The Wilson Group is looking for Real Estate agents that work in the Central Virginia/Richmond &  Hampton Roads market, and interviewing now! If you work, live, or familiar with this area, and would like to be a representative in that market, then give us a call today to discuss joining our team. 

Based in, and already working, in Richmond and the Central Virginia area, we have expanded into the Hampton Roads market, and looking for other team members to work and represent this amazing area. We offer:

*great systems that allows you to work where you are with our virtual business model.
*competitive commission structures.
*NO desk or numerous fees.
*technology driven tools.
*support and assistance when you need it.
*amazing team work environment.
*and more to help you work smarter, not harder!!

To schedule an interview to see if you would be a good fit for our company, and business model, then call right away!!! (Of course, all calls, and interviews are confidential)

Look forward to talking with you soon!

The Wilson Group
1805 Monument Avenue Suite 314
Richmond, Va. 23220
Toll Free: 1-888-706-0170


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