Richmond Va Property Management Services

If you are a rental owner, than you know managing your investments can sometimes be a full time job. Well, now we are here to help with 

The Wilson Group, a Real Estate & Property Management Company is able to take that work load off of your hands. We specialize in full service Property Management to make the process of your rental property as streamlined as possible

* Marketing vacant homes- Our systems keep you from having to keep posted and advertised all the time!
* Showing to prospective tenants_ Now you don’t have to answer all of the phone calls!
* Resident Screening and Applications- employment, income, rental references, credit, background and more on all applications.
* Move In/Move Out Inspections
* Rent collecting from tenants
* Direct Deposit of rent payments to our owners_ No more waiting on a check. Once we collect rent, we direct deposit your balance for you!
* Negotiating and handling delinquent rent- Follow proper procedures to ensure necessary results
* Scheduling routine inspections throughout lease
* Coordinating any necessary repair request.

We are able to customize a Property Management plan just for you and your needs.

If you are a rental owner, and any of this sounds slightly interesting CALL TODAY FOR A FREE CONSULTATION!!! We absolutlely LOVE being able to discuss how to put a plan in place for our friends and clients

Serving the Richmond & Hampton Roads area

The Wilson Group




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