For Sale By Owner

For Sale By Owner Program

If you are trying to sell your home the For Sale By Owner style,
congratulations on making the decision to do so.Many people decide this is a fantastic option for many reasons,
and I always respect an individual’s decision that fits their needs the best.With my For Sale By Owner program, I can offer a select number
of services to assist you in achieving your goal, and at the same time,
standing out from the crowd of most For Sale By Owners.

With a free, no pressure whatsoever consultation,
I offer homeowners a few services to make this as easy as possible.

These services include:

*Free neighborhood activity report to assist in pricing your home to sell fast to make you the most money.
*Personal Property Website
*Virtual Tour- tour links provided to homeowner to make it seamless to send to interest parties
for home pictures and tour.  No more attaching picture after picture to your email to interested parties.
*Internet Link to make a very attractive Craigslist ad. This makes posting to craigslist, and other sites easy
without  re-typing all of the property details over and over.
*Personal referral to my network of Real Estate attorneys to handle the seller documents for you.
YES, you will still need an attorney!!!
*Ensure you have proper documents that will be required to go hand in hand with your purchase agreement.

My goal is to assist you with your decision to sell your home on your own.As mentioned people have many different reasons as to why this is the best way for them, however, there are
many FREE ways I offer to help.  Absolutely FREE!!!Call Today for your Free ( NO PRESSURE WHATSOEVER) consultation!



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