Noticing Outstanding Customer Service

It seems that more and more places and employees these days forget the meaning of customer service. As someone who spent 10+ years in retail management, it seemed like I always only received a call when someone felt they were not treated right for some reason or other.  I would like to challenge everyone to take two minutes a week to  send a letter or make a phone call to someone that gave you outstanding customer service.

I guarantee that letter, note, or phone call will completely surprise that person and absolutely make their day. Imagine the service they will provide to the rest of their customers or clients the rest of the day after being recognized for something so many people take for granted.

This will also make your day as I feel this is a great way to give back a little to that business and that individual who stood out from the crowd, and what a great way to build your network of people at the same time.

My example that began this thought was I recently went into a store to get prices for something for a future purchase. While I was there, it struck me to look for something I needed to pick up that was very inexpensive, but needed.  This associate went above and beyond her means to help me locate, show me the different prices, and even delivered to the front counter while I continued shopping.  She did this for an item that cost less than $20.I go to this location many times, and this was hands down the best service EVER. 

Immediately upon my return back home, I sent her a handwritten note thanking her for outstanding service with my experience, and  a couple of business cards.  To my surprise, she emailed me back thanking me for the card and letting me know that she is glad I am a Realtor, as she is in the beginning stages of looking to purchase a home!!!!! I was only intending to thank her,  and to MY suprise, a potential client.

Lets all try to make a difference in someone’s day by letting them know when they do a fantastic job. Send them a note, email, or go back to visit them.  In addition, as individuals  that work so closely with clients, and customers, lets make it a point to provide the best service possible to make yourself stand out from the rest of the crowd. Who know, maybe you will receive that special thank you card back.

Please feel free to post any of your success stories, and share with others.

Best wishes and much success until next time.


Keeping Your “Curb Appeal”

A home will have already made an impression on a potential buyer before someone even walks through your door. A buyer will know, or get “that feeling” within the first 30 seconds if that home is going to stand out from the rest.  With this, Curb Appeal is everything and is your chance to make your home memorable for the right reasons.

Here are a few tips I would like to share to help maintain that perception

Clean up the Clutter Daily—I want you to stand at the curb or end of your driveway and take a look at your yard, or entrance. Try to look at your home as a potential buyer would.  Rake those leaves, clean those gutters, and clean up those dead flowers or tree branches if need be.  Do the bushes need trimming? Does your walkway need a crisp look?  Keep a lookout for these important factors as you enter and leave the home.

Keep your lawn clean and fresh looking—Try to mow your lawn weekly and looking fresh at all times. Pull the weeds from flowers beds, and place fresh fertilizer or mulch if need be. These inexpensive actions will go a long way in keeping your home ahead of the competition

Remove unnecessary items from that front entrance— Take a moment to look at your front entrance. This is the first place that buyer is going to see and you do not want them to have to overlook excess furniture, personal clutter, or accessories that have been personalized to fit your taste.  Make it as open and inviting as possible to make someone not wait to get inside. If their first thought is if there is clutter on the outside, imagine what they are thinking about the inside before they even walk in the door.